Broker Services

Aramis Realty’s Patrick Beugnon is a licensed Managing Broker ready to assist investors with buying and selling real estate in Georgia. Investors may choose from full service listing agreements, buyer brokerage representation and limited transaction services. To speak with Patrick directly, please call 770.855.1221.

Transaction Services for cash buyers and investors

A transaction service is best for an individual or an incorporated buyer where a property has been selected with a verbal acceptance obtained from the seller. This is a documentation and closing service for a purchase and sale agreement, amendments, addendums and closing settlement statement review.
This is not an agency representation and includes:

  • Facilitate communications between buyer and seller
  • Prepare purchase and sale agreement, amendments, addendums and review closing settlement statements
  • Ensure timelines and guidelines are maintained
  • Facilitate closing and conditions between buyer and seller

Traditional Listing Service

Our premium listing service is recommended for investment sellers in Georgia that are interested in hiring a professional to take care of all the details for selling a property.You need not be a Georgia resident.
For this premium service, Patrick will:

  • Assist seller with deciding on a list price
  • Make sure listing documentation is filled out correctly
  • Market property for sale
  • Present market comparables and engage potential buyers and Realtors
  • Negotiate offers representing the seller
  • Ensure any and all terms, contractual obligations and timelines are monitored
  • Assist seller through any due diligence period, appraisal and inspections (including negotiating request for repairs)
  • Maintain compliance responsibilities as seller representative.

Buyer Brokerage Services

This is premium buyer agency representation and includes complimentary credit consultation for those who require a loan to purchase real estate.
The buyer brokerage agreement includes:

  • Prepare offers for purchase
  • Inform buyer of current market conditions
  • Negotiate acceptable terms and determine repairs needed
  • Follow up for due diligence, inspection and repair timelines
  • Facilitate closing and make sure contractual obligations are being met during sales process