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You landed on this page because you are looking for professional Decatur property management services. Look no further. Aramis Realty specializes in providing high-end property management services in Decatur and its surrounding areas. We are a leading rental management company that focuses on rendering professional management services to real estate investors. As a full-service property management enterprise, we manage all sorts of properties, from multiplexes and commercial offices to town homes, residential homes, and condos. We handle sales and marketing for our clients, and also provide other real estate management-related services in the event that they are needed.

Here at Aramis Realty, we build business relationships on the basis of honesty, trust, and communication. All the relationships with built with our clients over the years are founded on these values. While these alone cannot sustain a business alone, we strongly believe they are the building blocks to a successful long lasting business. Our business has grown over the years, due to our business philosophy.

Results Oriented Property Management Services

Aramis Realty takes great pride in calling itself a results-oriented business. You can trace back the business growth we have experienced through the years, due to the quality of our services. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to managing your rental property. Right from basic activities such as screening of tenants, marketing and advertisement, and maintenance and repairs, to more technical aspects such as accounting, financial reports, and other documentations. We have a very competent, experienced and highly-qualified team of professionals who make sure that your investment property is managed and maintained in the best manner.

Although making investments in the rental market has proven to be one of the best methods of building wealth, it does come at a price. All properties need a certain amount of time and effort to be maintained and managed. That can be extremely stressful if you own multiple properties in different areas.

Personally managing every all your properties is bound to take up a great amount of your time and energy. This puts a limit on the number of properties you can own. It also limits the time you could spend on other activities that need your attention. This can be personal or business related. Instead of managing the day-to-day activities of your rental property, you can be focusing on looking for your next rental property investment.

Customer-Focused Experience

Being a professional property management company, our job is to help you take care of your property so you can focus on what matters. By taking the load off your shoulders, we help you in getting the highest returns from your investments without spending all that individual time and attention. We aim to provide you with your much-deserved peace of mind,  knowing full well that your prized assets remain in the best hands.

We have substantial expertise and experience in Decatur property management, which you can use to complete your financial milestones. By entrusting us with managing your portfolio, not only will you have professional help but more time for yourself. You can look to spend more time on growing your portfolio or with family and friends.

Professional Care That You Can Rely On

We care for your property and manage it as though it is our own. We take care of your property with utmost sincerity and deal with every aspect of managing it with great professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. We shoulder any issues which may – and do – arise in the course of managing a property and deal with all “headaches” that arise. We do all this so that you are left only with the pleasant experience of owning a profitable real estate investment, with the assurance that your investment property is in the best hands.

We do all this so that you are left only with the pleasant experience of owning a profitable real estate investment, with the assurance that your investment property is in the best hands. We understand the amount of work is required in owning and managing a property, and use our skills, experience, and systems, to tackle the issues in the best possible manner. Contact us and find out how we can help you with you Decatur property management needs.

About Decatur, Georgia

If you are looking for a conducive city to live in or visit in the USA, the City of Decatur, Georgia is an ideal place for you. The city is located in Dekalb County in the in town section of Atlanta and is among the earliest cities to be established as a result American trail intersection.


Decatur, Georgia holds a population of about 20,148 people. There is a balanced racial makeup with the majority being whites, African American, and Native Americans.


Transportation is well catered for in this city due to the presence of three rail stations. Additionally, the road networks are well established.


Children are able to acquire primary and secondary school education from the nine schools in the city which have over 225 teachers employed on a full-time basis. The city also boasts of five colleges and university. Additionally, there are public libraries available for those who wish to do further reading.


In terms of housing, Decatur Georgia is probably the most comfortable and affordable place. The median rent is than the national average by 7% while the average number of occupants per household is also 11% lower. The houses are well furnished with modern amenities provided.

Historical Sites

You will have very many places to explore in Decatur with over twenty historic sites. Among these sites of interest are the Winnona Park, the Oakhurst, Methodist Chapel and the High House. There are also exclusive brewing scenes In the city which have been constant award winners suck as the Independent Brewing Co.

Recreational Activities

Despite the city being a busy hub, there is a lot of fun for recreational purposes. Some of the all round year concerts include band stands, beach parties, pied piper parade celebrations, fireworks shows and the festivals such as the Blues and Bluegrass.All this are rounded up by adequate dining places, especially for visitors.

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